Type of entries

Entries may take any of the following forms:

a) EITHER success stories of the application of GNSS, Earth Observation (EO) and precision agriculture OR new ideas and innovations in different countries and land use types. Both types of entries are equally valid. These could include one or more of the following:

  • Precision agriculture including application of seeds, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, including variable rate technology, and irrigation, planting, tillage, harvesting, and the use of automatic guidance systems.

  • Soil, vegetation, disease and yield mapping, (mobile) data collection, analysis and application in real time and historical.

  • Traceability of products including crops and livestock, from field to fork for food safety and disease control by farmers, food companies, standards certification bodies, government agencies and safety authorities.

  • Environmental management including ecological impact assessment and management by stakeholders including farmers, scientists, engineers and government agencies.

b) Technical proposals for equipment/software/systems applied to different crops/farm types including forestry and fisheries. You can propose the novel application of existing systems or a new product or products, describing their production, use and potential results.

c) Applications for small producers and/or cooperative groups. This approach would involve simplified applications of GNSS, EO and precision agriculture to farm situations with limited size and resources.

d) Wide area application of GNSS and EO in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and the environment. This approach would involve mapping exercises using a geographic information system (GIS) – ArcView or open source software. Using country data, the report would show where the technology can be applied to different land uses and predict changes in production and market supply, together with changing revenue and incomes. Data can be obtained from FAOSTAT and other sources.